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  • Metal Detector

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  • UNC 1/4”-20 Tripod connection
    Tripod adapter, use it with a tripod.
    Tripod adapter, use it with a tripod.
    Thermal:160 × 120; Lens: 6mm; FOV:25°×18.7°; Optical:2688 × 1520; Lens: 8mm; Video mode:Bi-spectrum image fusion; Accuracy:±0.5℃ Range:30-45℃ Working temperature:10~35℃
    Temperature resolution: 0.1℃ Accuracy: ±0.1℃ Temperature stability: ±0.1℃/h Effective emissivity: 0.97±0.02 Operating temperature: 0~30℃
    Thermal:160 × 120, 6.2mm,25°× 19° Visible:2MP Bi-spectrum image fusion; WIFI, Audio alarm Accuracy:±0.5℃ Range:30-45℃ Working temperature:10~35℃ IP54
    [6 Monitor Area] Through-type metal detected Door
    Portable metal detector